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Timber Windows in Stoke on Trent

Are you looking for an alternative to uPVC windows? Are you concerned about maintenance of wooden windows and how long they will last? Well, look no further – you have found a window company that specialises in Timber Windows and Frames that are designed to last the same number of years as uPVC windows but without using plastic to give your home a classy look!

Our range of handmade timber windows are installed with care our trained and experienced team and come in a variety of styles to add a great look to your home. These are perfect for older houses that currently have wooden window frames or even newer homes that would like to replace uPVC windows with a more traditional product.

All of the old issues that people encountered with timber window frames have been removed through the use of technical innovations over recent years. Therefore you can trust and rely on our range of timber frame windows to last just as long as uPVC windows with similar maintenance levels.

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