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UPVC Triple Glazing Windows

Triple Glazing Triple Glazing

Why Choose Triple Glazing ?

Triple glazed windows are up to 40% more thermally efficient than double glazed windows, helping to reduce your heating bills and carbon emissions. With triple glazing, homes are able to stay warmer for longer and you can expect fewer cold spots and drafts near windows. The extra pane of glass provides a security benefit too.

What about overheating?

You should not worry about overheating! This is a common misconception with triple glazing. The level of solar heat gain from outside is actually less through a triple glazed window than a double glazed window due to the extra pane of glass and cavity. The overall energy balance of a triple glazed window is superior to double glazing due to its vastly enhanced thermal insulation properties which ensures that more heat is retained within the room instead of being lost through the window.

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We have many more designs and security features available which can be discussed with us at your time of appointment. To ensure that we meet with all legal requirements we are FENSA and Part L Building Regulations compliant.

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